A couple of surprises

08th May 2012
As I have told you before Dun Briste , Downpatrick Head is one of my favourite places to photograph. Several years ago I got the opportunity to photograph the Sea Stack from below the huge sea cliffs. A friend from the camera club , Nick, has been asking me about it recently. As it happens today provided an ideal opportunity, as there was an exceptionally low spring tide at 1.30 in the afternoon, and the sea was also exceptionally calm. So we decided to give it a go today. Well it rained all morning and for the whole journey up. But just as we got to Downpatrick Head the rain stopped but it remained very cloudy. Despite checking all the tide tables and being very confident about the tide times, I still checked with my friend Alistair who lives close by and is very knowledgeable about the area and the sea conditions. It was as well we did because Alistair explained that our safe period was much, much shorter then we had thought. Alistair said we would need to be leaving within half an hour of low tide. Anyway everything was just right for us, and we even got a little blue in the sky before we left. Despite the calmness of the sea we still got a couple of surprises when surges of water suddenly engulfed us up to our knees, on dry land !
A real word of caution, dont attempt this without careful planning and with local knowledge, for example, low tide today was .2of a metre high. By next Friday low tide will be 1.3metres high ! Both Nick and I were really made aware of the power of the sea today and if todays tide was any higher we could have been in real trouble.
Anyway, here is one of the photographs, taken from inside a cave ,it all looks very calm , but as this picture was being taken Nick was yelling from outside the cave, "Its getting really bad here, we gotta go ! Without my buddy with me , I could easily have dallied long enough to get cut off!

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