30th June 2010

This morning I had to make an early trip to Knock Airport. I went off the main road for the journey home. Very close to the airport is a place called Barncogue. The area around the airport is very rural, not what you would expect close to an international airport

there are also alot of old deserted cottages and farm buildings in really pretty locations.

I stopped by the national school for two reasons, one to get the correct spelling for Barnacogue and secondly because I noticed the two letter boxes which I thought would make an interesting photo. There were some cows and calfs in the field behind and I tried to attract them over to the letter boxes by putting fresh grass over the wall. They would not come though and so I decided to take the picture anyway.

As I did the cattle started to engage in some activity of their own!

Even the young ones had a go!

As I photographed a lady in a car approached and in the spirit of true neighbourhood watch ,stopped and asked me why I was photographing the school { I should point out that the school is now closed for holidays) I gave her my card and explained what I was at. She then told me where I could go to get a good picture of the whole valley and so I followed her in her car. As we drove I was sure she seemed familiar and so when we stopped I asked her. It took us a couple of minutes to figure it out but I had actually photographed her and her family at one of her children’s communion several years earlier.

Her name was Breege and as I photographed the valley from above the school Breege told me about a celebration that had happened in the school on Friday . The school was visited by an ex teacher who was one hundred years old . The teacher is Delia Henry. Delia is almost a relation of mine! Delia’s brother married my Grandmother in Clonakilty and had one child ,Noreen, my aunt. Delia’s brother died young and my grandmother married my grandfather. Its a small world!!


Photo comment By omnishots: Fierce goings-on all over the blog today. Verging on the erotic. Is there any way you could return this commenting business in my favour?
Photo comment By Michael F Brennan: Thank-you. My father was born in Barnacogue. Historically, it was a 'Hell or Connacht' area. My father via horse and buggy drove my grandmother once a month to the Shrine at Knock where she prayed for miracles to sustain the poverty. Time frame was 19th century to circa 1930's. Michael F Brennan St Petersburg Florida
Photo comment By Martin Stringer: Fabulous photos. The third one down, the deserted cottage from the time of the famine is literally right opposite our bungalow. Kind regards
Photo comment By Jim Brennan: My Grandfather John Brennan was born in Barnacogue (1895). His father was Patrick, and mother was Honora nee Merriman. I have been to what is left of the homestead a couple times. Would love to connect with other Brennan's that could help me research my heritage.. Kind regards, Jim

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