Error No Memory Card

16th January 2015
I am just back in Mayo after a day in Athlone. But this morning was both great photographically and also just a little frustrating. Patricia and I had decided to go to Athlone leaving Mulranny about 11am. That gave me plenty of time to go to Keem Strand on Achill Island for the sunrise and still be back on time for our trip. I woke before the alarm and tried to sneak out without waking sleeping beauty and I thought I had succeeded when just as I made for the bedroom door Patricia said "What about the icy roads" They are fine I said, see you at 11. So I headed towards Achill, the roads were terrible and I had to travel very slowly , as I drove along Patricia's voice kept going around and around in my head "what about the icy roads?"
I thought to myself , "maybe THIS was a bit silly, I could bump my car, I could do worse", but I decided to turn back once I realised that the worst part of bumping the car would be the fact that Patricia could say " I told you so" Now to be fair to Patricia I don't think she has ever said such a thing to me but my Male ego was not going to let it happen today!!. So I turned the car a round and headed back to Mulranny beach. The tide was in and the rocks on the beach were very slippy, too slippy for the wellington boots I had put on for the sand on Keem Strand. So realising that I was going to miss the sunrise I headed back to the house and decided to take the dog for a walk back to the beach and I might still get a picture. At this point I switched cameras, I did not want to carry the Nikon and lenses and walk the dog, so just took the fuji. As me and the dog walked towards the beach the sun began to creep over the horizon, so I found a place with a view took out the camera and pressed the shutter ERROR NO MEMORY CARD flashed up on the screen!!!! Dam ,Blast etc etc. I had not checked the camera as I had picked it up. So me and the dog headed back to the house, you can imagine the dog was not impressed and wondered what she had done to witness such an outcry from me and have her walk suddenly terminated. anyway I got the card, took the dog back down to the beach, enjoyed the calming sound of the water on the stones and got this picture!

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