Get Organised!!

18th May 2010
What a waste of time.
If I could give any budding (or experienced) photographer some advice it would be “get organised”.
I am by nature a very untidy person (ask Patricia). I don’t know is there such a thing as naturally untidy or is it just naturally lazy? Anyway for all the time I spend taking photographs and then editing them I must spend at least the same amount of time trying to retrieve them again from the depths of my computer. Today I had three things to do re photographs, I had a set of photographs that I had to edit. I became very agitated convinced that I must have deleted them from the computer as I could find them nowhere. I spent at least 40 minutes looking for them before finally finding them. I also had a single photograph that I had promised to print for somebody and again even though it is only on the computer a couple of days I was unable to find it. The problem was that I had given the file a name that I was then unable to recall. Fortunately as I knew the exact date I had put the file on the computer I was able to “search by date” and the computer found it for me. Thirdly I had to do the blog for today, It rained most of the day today and I did not get our with the camera however I knew I had a couple of photographs from yesterday that would fit the bill, when I went to do the blog tonight I could not find the pictures and I must admit to being very frustrated!!! I have left them, I assume, on a hard drive in the Gallery. As it happens while I was searching I came upon a photograph of the beach at Bertra that I thought would share with you.

But I concluded tonight that I probably spend more time looking for my images on my computer and several hard drives then I actually spend capturing them in the first place...... Something will have to change!!


Photo comment By David Browne: Love the photo.Simple and atmostpheric! Are they your 'lazy beds' on the headland?!
Photo comment By camera club member: There is a nice word for times like this its called having a Senior Moment
Photo comment By Eamonn: Sounds like the voice of experience camera club member !!
Photo comment By Ann-Marie: It was worth the find - nicely captured !!

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