I don't want to buy it.

07th June 2015
First off, just to clear up some questions from last night's picture/story. Patricia did not actually purchase anything from her trip into Stephen's Green Shopping Centre. I can here many of you now saying how lucky I am that the credit card was not given a pasting etc etc. Well to be fair to Trish she is not a big spender, not that I would mind if she was. You see its not the spending money that is the issue for me, its the whole shopping process, I go to the shop and make my purchase, I know what I want before I go in, and I generally go to the shop that stocks it and get out. Patricia on the other hand would happily spend several hours going around the shops just looking!!!! a typical conversation might be.
Trish: "would this be nice on me"
Me "sure, do you like it, lets buy it"
Trish " I don't want to buy it ! I just wondered did it suit me"
Me " Aagh"

Today we were in Mulranny for the afternoon, photographing some art work for a friend, we left around 9.45 pm which meant we were just on time for the sunset over Ballycracker Bay.

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