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10th September 2015 - 0 comments
Kilcumin Sunrise
31st August 2015 - 0 comments
Well today is the last day of August and there is a real end of summer feeling,the kids on our street are going back to school and some are heading off to University and of course the days are getting shorter. In fact the days are shortening by 4 minutes a day, this is good news for the landscape photographer because the sun is rising and setting at much more sensible times. generally during the summer I avoid sunrises, preferring to stay in my bed. But today the sunrise was at 6.44. I decided to go to Kilcumin Head and photograph the sunrise from Mayo's East coast. So I set the alarm for 5.15 and drove the hour or so to Kilcumin, it was very cloudy and I did wonder on many occasions wether I would be better to go home and skip it, because it looked like the sunrise would not be visible. But as I got to Kilcumin a gap appeared under the cloud and I did see the sunrise, I only saw the sun for about five minutes before it rose up and behind that great bank of cloud. but those few minutes were magical. Cant really capture the feel of in a picture, but to be there alone with the sea lapping on the rocks was really special. And when it was over I drove home and was on time to bring Trish her breakfast in bed!!

Lovely Irish Rain
26th August 2015 - 0 comments
Here is another picture from yesterday's photos in the rain, but while we might give out about the rain, its the "lovely Irish rain" that gives us lovely Irish landscapes. This lovely waterfall is on one of the many mountain streams that feeds the Erriff River.

Gone.....for lunch
25th August 2015 - 0 comments
Following on from yesterday, this morning, Noel and I went out for our second day of one to one landscape photography. It poured rain, I mean poured, I spent most of the morning just holding an umbrella for Noel, and he for me. I think we managed about three different shots each in the whole day! We arrived at Doolough at lunchtime and the anglers had parked up their boats and gone for lunch, We just had time to both get our picture when the anglers returned.

Lough Feeagh
24th August 2015 - 0 comments
Spent a lovely afternoon on a one 2 one session with Noel from Mullingar who came to spend the afternoon doing some landscape photographs. Noel is already a skilled photographer and really just wanted to be taken to some good sites. We headed towards Mulranny but as we got there the weather closed in and it looked like the afternoon would be a washout. But the advantage of local knowledge is that I was able to change the plans and we turned off into Letterkeane woods which gave us some protection from the elements and Noel got some great images of the river there. On the way out from Letterkeane we stopped for a few minutes at Lough Feeagh where I got this image, we were only there a few minutes because the rain came in again. What was interesting about today though was that despite the weather we still both got images we were pleased with.

Completely submerged
23rd August 2015 - 0 comments
Rained all day today, so back to the archives again! here is an image from the Doolough Valley, this was taken a year ago. On a recent visit this "summer" the spit of land you can see bottom left was completely submerged the lake was so full!

21st August 2015 - 0 comments
This image is from Kilcummin Head, near Killala. Kilcummin is where the french army landed during the rebellion in 1798. Its one of those less visited places in Mayo, but its on the Wild Atlantic Way and well worth a visit. As you can see, on this occasion the day was bright and sunny, not what I would normally look for when shooting landscapes, so i will just have to go back!

define the shape
20th August 2015 - 0 comments
No sun this evening, so here is another from a couple of weeks ago. This image was made about forty minutes or so after the sun had set, often the best time for photographs. Even though the sun has set, the rock is still backlit by the twilight which helps define the shape of the rock, even though most of it is in shadow.

Golden Strand
19th August 2015 - 0 comments
This image from Golden Strand , Dugort, Achill Island was made about two weeks ago. Having spent a day photographing in various parts of Achill while leading a workshop, we reached Golden Strand in advance of the sunset. As you can see the cloud meant we did not really get the sunset we were looking for , but we still got good images, the tide was coming in so fast that we were retreating back up the beach almost after every shot.

Reveal the blue
18th August 2015 - 0 comments
Summer arrived!! a lovely sunny day in Mayo. The day started foggy with a real feeling of autumn, but as you can see in this image, around 8.15 this morning, the fog began to lift and reveal the blue sky.

No excuses
17th August 2015 - 0 comments
Back in Mayo a few days now, but no new photographs, another dull cloudy day today and I was not motivated to take the camera out. So here is an image I made a couple of weeks ago at Doolough Valley, that was taken on a cloudy day also....no excuses really!

05th August 2015 - 0 comments
Day two of our three day "Wild Atlantic Way" photo course has just finished. We had a fantastic day but the Atlantic was not very wild today. We spent the day on Achill Island, and squeezed out the very last of the light just as we crossed the bridge back to the mainland, with this picture of an Achill Yawl with the bridge in the background.

Never far away
04th August 2015 - 0 comments
I am currently leading a three day photography workshop along the Mayo section of the "Wild Atlantic Way" Today we started in Westport and travelled to Killary Harbour. We were not very hopeful settling off from Westport due to the wind and rain, we stopped at several locations along the way and got rained on, on several occasions, but we all got pictures! I got this one in the Delphi Valley. As you can see in this image, the rain was never far away.

Pilgrimage cancelled !
26th July 2015 - 0 comments
Today, the third Sunday of July, is traditionally called "Reek Sunday" here in Mayo. It is the day of the annual pilgrimage up Croagh Patrick. Up to 20,000 people people could climb on this single day. St Patrick spent time on the mountain and it has been considered holy ever since. Of course it was considered a Holy Mountain for maybe thousands of years before St Patrick and Christianity ever came to Ireland.
But the weather overnight was so bad with wind and rain and the pilgrimage was cancelled!! Apparently this has never happened before. Many people still climbed despite being advised not too, and I believe there were less injuries then in other years because those who did climb were forced to slow down. But anyway I was not one of the brave ones!
But I am posting a picture of the mountain anyway. Many of you will have seen this image before, it was taken about ten years ago on a Nikon D70, it remains one of my favourite pictures of the "Holy Mountain"

The next field
20th July 2015 - 0 comments
Thank you to all for all the likes and good wishes on last nights image. My sister Elaine is delighted that her photograph has proved to be the second most popular of the year so far !!
Tonight I am posting a picture of Moyne Abbey, where we visited yesterday afternoon. Moyne is my favourite off all the Mayo Abbeys and well worth a visit. My sister Elaine was a little concerned about the sign that reads "Beware of the Bull" on the gate of the field you have to cross to reach the abbey. So we did a quick scan of the occupants of the field and satisfied ourselves that the bull was in the NEXT field!!!!!!

Golden Strand
16th July 2015 - 0 comments
I spent much of the day teaching a one to one photography class to a lady who has an online business and was wanting to set up a system for photographing items for sale on her website.
But it was certainly not a day for outdoor photography. This image was made on Monday evening on Golden Strand, Dugort Achill Island.

Golden Strand
16th July 2015 - 0 comments
I spent much of the day teaching a one to one photography class to a lady who has an online business and was wanting to set up a system for photographing items for sale on her website.
But it was certainly not a day for outdoor photography. This image was made on Monday evening on Golden Strand, Dugort Achill Island.
Rockfleet Bay
15th July 2015 - 0 comments
I had a meeting in Mulranny this morning and on my way home I detoured just a little at Rockfleet Castle. It was lunch time and the sun was high in the sky,and I decided not to take pictures of the castle I would normally avoid pictures at that time of the day , but I thought Rockfleet Bay looked particularly peaceful , so I took out the camera.

a few magical minutes
14th July 2015 - 0 comments
This morning I travelled to Castlebar to meet Brian from Co Tyrone who was staying in Caslebar for a few days. Brian had a voucher for four hours one to one photography training. We met at 6am and went to Castle Burke on Lough Carra. Brian has been using a camera for many years but was looking to improve . We had a great few hours, Brian was so enthusiastic and I think added to his skill set. The morning started quite dull and we were not expecting to see any sunshine, but the sun did break through and we had a few magical minutes!

Keem wedding
13th July 2015 - 0 comments
I am writing this post from Achill Island where Trish and I have just witnessed a lovely sunset from Golden Strand Dugort. We were on Achill to deliver the wedding photographs to Anthony and Jen who are heading back to New Zealand tomorrow. The weather was so bad for their wedding that the planned photographs on Keem strand had to be cancelled , and knowing how much they had wanted their wedding to be on Keem I volunteered to come back yesterday to photograph them on the beach. Here is one of the images from our afternoon session. Special thanks to my daughter Grainne who provided the light with the off camera flash!