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25th January 2010
4th Jan Another Cold Morning
January 4th, 2010
by admin
The cold snap continues. When I got out this morning it was overcast and I was not sure if the sun would show. I decided to visit one of my favourite locations anyway , because you can never be sure what the light and the weather will do. I said a little prayer of thanks as the cloud cleared and the sun burst through . I often bring students from my workshops here, as it is very close by and is an unusual view of Croagh Patrick. I happily spent 2 hours taking a number of photographs. Things change so quickly, I was fascinated by the little cloud that appeared over Croagh Patrick . I took a picture checked the exposure on the camera screen , looked up to take a second picture and the cloud was gone! Half an hour later there was no blue in the sky at all . There is talk of snow, lets hope so!

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3rd Jan Tripod returns
January 3rd, 2010
by admin
In the middle of the night I suddenly remembered where the tripod was. I had stopped on the road in Glenheist on my way back from Crossmolina on Jan 1st. I had used the camera on the tripod and then decided to get a quick picture without it. Admiring the picture on the screen on the camera I placed the camera in the car and drove home, leaving the tripod fully extended on the side of the road. To lose the tripod would have been serious enough put it had a panorama head from “Really Right Stuff” which cost more then the tripod. So I headed off hoping against hope that the tripod would still be there, of course it wasn’t ! I was devastated. Then I travelled 500metres from the spot and stopped to take a picture. A car passed by and stopped , an elderly gentleman, who I had met about 4 killometeres up the road when I was photographing on the 1st Jan stepped out and beckoned me to come to him. He informed me that the “man up the road has your tripod, he’s in the second house on the right”. Can you believe it!! Pat did indeed have my tripod and had advertised it on local radio that morning. He had left it where I had left it for 24hours and brought it in last night as the frost was so bad!

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2nd Jan 2010 Flat Battery
January 2nd, 2010
by admin
Today I decided to visit Ballintubber Abbey. I am often asked for pictures of the abbey and knew that the light would be right in the early morning. I arrived at about 8.45am and discovered I had no tripod in the car. This was a surprise to me as I always have it with me. I thought maybe I had left it in my wife Patricias car and went to work without it. I had to wait half an hour for the sun to be high enough in the sky to light the abbey. I took a few pictures and decided I could wait a while longer and see what developed, I was hoping to get a few clouds in the sky. I went back to the car to warm myself up and discovered I had left the lights on! Fortunately a couple of local people came to my rescue and one of them got me started using the jump leads I keep in the car. ( its not the first time I have left the lights on!) It was such a relief to get the car going I forgot I was meant to be waiting for cloud cover and went home.

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New Years Day 2010
January 1st, 2010
by admin
It was very hard to get up this morning. However the photographers voice in my head kept saying “ its a lovely morning the light is fantastic”, “call yourself a photographer, get out there”. I responded several times with , I’m too tired, its too cold, the roads are too dangerous. But I ran out of excuses and as the snooze went on the alarm for the third time I dragged myself out and set off for Crossmolina. Somebody who had visited the Gallery in Westport had suggested a location to photograph Nephin. I phoned a photographer friend ,Monica, who lives in the area and arranged to meet. The roads were appalling all the way and the journey took a lot longer then it should. I was pleased with the photograph of Nephin which I did as a Panoramic, though I think a half hour earlier would have been more interesting.

As I left Crossmolina to go home I spotted a tree backlight so stopped to explore. The photograph which includes Nephin was taken with a 200mm lens and I had to walk across two fields to get the composition I wanted to isolate the tree from others around it.

This picture made it a worthwhile, trip and was my reward for listening to the photographer in my head !

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Once in a Blue Moon
December 31st, 2009
by admin
On new years eve I went to my friend Michaels house to photograph the partial eclipse of the moon. It was a very cold night and our view was frequently blocked by cloud and snow showers. I didn’t mind to much as we simply covered the cameras with plastic shopping bags and went into the warmth where Michael practiced his skills with the frying pan.
Coincidently we actually had a “blue moon”. This is when a full moon happens twice in a calendar month, apparently this only happens 41 times in a century! Hence the phrase “once in a blue moon”.

Well the moon wasn’t actually blue but it was very bright and so I decided I would try and photograph Croagh Patrick by moonlight. As I had left my cable release at home I was not able to use the Bulb setting on my camera. So the longest shutter speed I could use was 30seconds. I was delighted with the result ,the exposure was 30seconds at f5.6 taken at about 9pm.

I did dash home and get the cable release but the cloud came in and Croagh Patrick disappeared from view.

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December 30th, 2009
by admin

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