Plan Plan Plan Jan 30th2010

25th January 2010
Today I really struggled to get a picture I was out before the sun came up, but I had not really planned my point of view. While good landscape pictures can be found ,most are planned. Getting into position before the sun comes up, predicting where it will come up and pre visualising your shot are all part of the groundwork if you want to get consistently good images. Even if things don’t go according to plan you still may get something else
.This morning I just went out to get a picture without any great plan. The dawn was lovely but I was not in position and so drove around somewhat aimlessly hoping a picture would just happen in front of me! It didn’t! Almost out of desperation,I hopped out of the car and took this picture of the sun rising behind a tree, I was blocking the road however and so had to move on immediately,

Its amazing how fast the sun rises and how quickly the light changes and the fantastic colours of the sunrise disappear . When I saw this second tree the colour had disappeared but I still stopped and waited for the rising sun to reach the branches of the tree. It was fifteen minutes before the tree was sufficiently lit for me to take the picture.

I drove home, the light had completely changed the magic of the dawn was gone and I felt like a good opportunity was lost because I had not planned the shoot properly.


Look behind you! Jan 29th2010

This morning started off fairly dull but there appeared to be a clearance coming from the west, by the time I drove the twenty minutes from Westport to Carrownisky Beach we had blue skies.

I have included two pictures today, there are both taken from the same spot but look completely different. In the colour picture the sun is coming over my shoulder, and in the black and white picture I have turned the camera on the tripod so it is facing into the sun. Naturally the camera settings are also completely different. But it just goes to show it worth looking behind you!

I have also included a picture of Croagh Patrick taken from the Beach its an unusual view of the reek.

The sun was fantatic while it lasted and it was hard to go home. I thought I might get a nice sunset in the evening however it completely clouded over and I was glad I took the opportunity when I did.


Its a question of timing!! Jan 28th2010

As you will know by now I love photographing water, and in Mayo we have plenty of water. The day was dull which made it ideal..I decided to visit the waterfall in Tourmakeady. This is a very pretty waterfall, if you are visiting ,it is best to go after a days rain as the levels of water vary greatly. Today the falls looked good.

I was accompanied today by my son Barry who is home from university for a few days. Having photographed the falls in numerous ways I decided it would be nice to have a picture of the two of us. I set the camera on self timer pressed the button and ran (well I moved as fast as I could) and just as I sat down the camera fired.

I changed the self timer to 20seconds , now ,I did not need to be like Hussain Bolt to make it the ten feet or so into the picture. I sat down and waited, and waited, its amazing how long 20 seconds is!. I got up to reset the camera, sure that the picture had been taken but of course the 20 seconds was now up and the camera fired.


Third time lucky I sat and waited 20 seconds still seemed a long time but this time I did not move!

The interesting thing about these three pictures is that the duds are what will create the memories! I am often asked what makes a good picture, I think these qualify!!

This evening I attended the opening of a photographic exhibition by my friend Kevin Murphy. It was Kevin’s first. Kevin is a very skilled photographer specialising in wildlife photography you can see his work here


Disappearing Act Jan 27th2010

The Sun made the briefest of appearances today. The sky was very dark at sunrise but there was a small Gap in the cloud cover and for a few short minutes the sun blazed through.

It was all over after twenty minutes or so, the remainder of the day was cloudy with fairly persistent drizzle and as you can see even Croagh Patrick disappeared with the sun!

I hope you like the new look website. I would welcome feedback, you can contact me through the contact page

Lough Carra 26th Jan 10

I went to Moore Hall this morning to photograph Lough Carra . I find Lough Carra quite challenging to photograph as in many ways it if featureless. I am told that the best way to photograph louch Carra is from a boat, hopefully I might get that opportunity soon.

I was at the location before sunrise . The first picture shows deep colour, but the colour did not last very long and within an hour of sunrise it had become quite overcast

I did not take many photographs but I still enjoyed the peace and quiet of the location.


CARROWMORE 25th Jan 10

I had a busy day today and did not get out until quite late , once again I was taking pictures after the sun had gone down. I went to Carrowmore Beach at Louisburg.

Once again this meant using long shutter speeds which I slowed even more by using a 3 stop neutral density filter.
The appearance of the water can be very different depending on the shutter speed . Too long and there is no sign of movement at all. The pictures of the beach including the anglers was taken at 1.5seconds.

The retreating water around the rock took 3 seconds and I think shows the movement well.

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