Slow motion !

23rd August 2011
I described yesterday as being frustrating by 7.30 in the morning. well it got worse ! Later in the morning I went to Letterkeane woods to photograph a waterfall as it was fairly dull at the time. I decided i would photograph the waterfall close up to go for shape rather then the complete waterfall, I also decided also to photograph with a slow shutter speed and a fast shutter speed to show the different effects. So one picture was taken with a slow shutter speed of 1second and one at 1000th of a second. I used a neutral density filter to achieve the slow shutter speed. as i took the camera off the tripod the filter holder , worth over €100 fell off the camera, bounced twice ( in slow motion!!) and you guessed it,.... fell into the river!!!

Just where it happened was a deep part of the river with deep sided rock bank and I made two half hearted attempts to get in but decided that as I could not see how deep it was and was unsure about how I would climb out I had to leave it. I may go back with a friend later in the week though I think it very unlikely that I will get it back !!

One Second exposure.

1000th second exposure

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