That rarely happens !

02nd June 2011
The trees in this photograph always attract me as I drive between Bohola and Kiltimagh. This was taken in the morning but in the evening the sun sets behind them and even in winter they look good. Its an awkward place to stop the car but I have done on several occasions. When I stopped the other morning I thought they looked particularly good and I parked the car and wandered into the field to get to a good viewpoint. Everything came right all at the same time! That rarely happens!!. The sun was shining on the hillside and contrasted with the shower cloud behind and the clouds looked great. Even the cows were in the right position. Anyway I had gone into the field with the camera and a set of Neutral density filters that I carry with me all the time. I selected one of the filters to put on the camera and took the picture. (the filter helps to hold detail in the sky, especially on such a high contrast scene) I was delighted with the picture and headed back to the car. As I sat into the car I realized I was missing one of the filters! I then spent about forty minutes walking up and down the field looking for a very thin piece of plastic measuring about 4inches by 6inches clear with grey in the top three inches ! I am happy to report I found it ! But I was lucky to have noticed it missing before I actually left the scene! I have not always been so lucky and in the past have left light meters and other expensive pieces of equipment behind me in locations I could not find again , never mind the actual piece of equipment!


Photo comment By Omnishots: Thank you Eamonn! Just spent a happy half hour catching up with your blog. That dovecot is amazing. There's something Romanesque about it...but were there no doves?
Photo comment By Stephanie: Bohola! You have a shot near Bohola! Yay! That's where my husband's Byrne ancestors are from.

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