The Chianti was good.

15th March 2010
I headed off to Achill this morning , too late for a sunrise , I left Westport at about 7.45. It was a funny day photographically, nothing seemed to really go to plan. Firstly I had intended to get up earlier, I had intended being on Achill for the sunrise. Secondly I had completely mixed up the tide times, I started by stopping at Rockfleet Castle, I was surprised to find the tide out, and sat waiting for it to come in, after 20 minutes or so I realised it had gone out further ! Today was a lovely day but it seemed every where I went the light just was not right for good photography, I think maybe I just could not see it. At one point I lost my light meter . I had stopped at Cloughmore on Achill, I used the light meter to asses the light, took a rubbish photograph and moved on. Twenty minutes later I realised I no longer had a lightmeter. I retraced my steps knowing that nobody had passed me in either direction, but my initial search was in vain, I was sure it was lost. Now this would not be the first thing I have left behind or lost when photographing, infact I twice lost my previous lightmeter, once finding it on a wall in the Burren after 48hours and then losing it completly maybe a year later. This occurred about five years ago. My current lightmeter was actually bought by my Dad on a visit to Boston so I really became quite frantic in my search, just as I was about to give up I found it, I had actually dropped it as I walked across some boggy ground, fortunately it was unharmed. I was delighted to get it back, but while I had struggled to make good photographs prior to this happening I was useless after that.

I am posting two black and white pictures one taken near Rockfleet Castle of Croagh Patrick

The second photograph is again of Croagh Patrick and is taken from Cloughmore on Achill, shortly before losing the lightmeter.

This evening I led a night class, we did some still life photography, it was a great evening, I divided the class into two groups, each group then had identical “ingredients “ and lights and had to create still life photographs. There was a lot of head scratching and the occasional curse as people had to do alot of problem solving. Monica, one of the participants kindly allowed me to include her picture here. If there are mistakes in tonights blog it may be because I have just finished the bottle of Chianti !

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